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Cookie Policy

Cookies are data files that may be placed on the hard drive of a user visiting a particular website. These files enable the website to identify repeat visitors and may allow the website to customize the website depending on the preferences of the user. Cookies will not affect the performance of your computer.

Softclique Technologies Limited may from time to time or on a continuous basis, use cookies when users enter our website. The use of cookies allows Softclique Technologies Limited to identify the user and observe which sections of the website are visited repeatedly and gain insight into the areas of the website which are being most frequently used. This allows Softclique Technologies Limited to tailor the website to individual needs of our clients. The cookies used in the protected areas of the website will reside on the users computer.

A temporary cookie may also be used on protected and unprotected sections of our website in order to transfer information that is input on one page of the website by the user to other areas that require the same information (for eg financial calculators). This relieves the user of having to input the same data on multiple pages. Temporary cookies will not be placed on the computer hard drive of a user and will be used only during the current session. These are discarded once the user terminates their session.

Cookies are activated only during visits to our website and do not track the activity once the user leaves our website.

Softclique Technologies Limited obtains statistical data relating to usage of all areas of the website, however personal information is not gathered in these areas unless the user specifically inputs data that the user wishes Softclique Technologies Limited to possess.